Vegan Wedding Food

Are you considering a vegan menu on your wedding day? You aren’t alone, choosing an entirely vegan wedding breakfast is becoming more and more popular, and that is partly because vegan menu options are so much better than they used to be! So if you hear vegan wedding breakfast and think boring…think again!

There are some great benefits to choosing to provide a vegan menu at your wedding or event…

It covers all dietary requirements

One of the hardest parts of wedding planning is gathering all dietary requirements from your guests. With a vegan menu you can incorporate vegetarian, pescatarian, dairy free, egg free and many other food intolerances by picking a dish straight from the vegan selection. And we can easily adapt them to be gluten free, nut free and soy free, if needed.

Well, that is one massive tick off your to do list!

Creative flavour combinations

There is a common myth that vegan food is bland and dry, assuming that without meat and dairy you wouldn’t be able to provide the same taste and texture, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our chefs are incredibly talented and are able to create the most delicious dishes that you and your guests will love!

A unique talking point

The conversations around the dining room will be buzzing on the topic of the food! Are you a vegan? What do you think it will taste like? Will you enjoy it? Friends and lesser acquainted guests will be able to discuss as they await each course, and we are sure that they will end the meal talking about how delicious and satisfying their meal was!

Makes for a memorable meal

A change from the usual! Want a unique wedding that your guests will remember for some time? Go for a vegan menu! Some of your guests may never have tried a vegan meal before and never attended a wedding which provided a purely vegan menu. So this will certainly be a memorable meal for them.

When Head Chef Luke was putting together our 2022 wedding menu pack he wanted to make sure that he catered to all the tastes and preferences of our diverse client base. Creating a dedicated vegan section was very important to him and the team. It was a great challenge to create some interesting and tempting vegan dishes and he certainly achieved it.

Some of the most colourful dishes on our menu are from the vegan selection, if you need help choosing, here is a good place to start…

Vegan Canapes

Our chefs are happy to adapt most of our vegetarian canapes to be suitable for vegan guests or they can include something bespoke after your food tasting consultation. A recent wedding in 2021 had a full vegan menu and their guests were able to enjoy a selection of delicious canapes; Vine Cherry Tomato Bruschetta, Flat Bread Croute with Sweet Almond and Sultana Houmous, Onion Chutney and Sundried Tomato and Pesto Arancini.

Delicious rustic canapes served on a wooden board. Our waiting on staff will circulate around the room to make sure all your guests receive a good selection throughout the drinks reception!

Vegan Starters

An eye catching dish from our starter selection is the stunning Chimichurri flatbread with falafel, beetroot houmous, pomegranate and red onion salad! The beetroot houmous pops on the plate and all the strong flavours together make this a perfect dish to start your meal.

Vegan Main Courses

Have you ever tried a Puff Pastry Feuillette? You should! Our Puff Pastry Feuillette with wild mushrooms in a rich sauce, parsley and parsnip puree, roast broccoli is a fantastic main course option which looks and tastes amazing!

Vegan Desserts

Now we really do have a treat for you in our vegan dessert selection! One of our most popular wedding desserts is our Stable Yard Brookie, so we were determined to replicate something similar for our vegan guests. Introducing the exceptional Dark Chocolate and Sweet Potato Brownie with Mixed Berry Compote.

This divine dessert will satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth in the room! Delicious!

Take a look out our menu for more inspiration!

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