We now have a pub!

So… 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year! Our kitchens have been eerily quiet… and with furlough running out at the end of October, we are left pondering what to do… and after a journey past our local community-owned pub which was locked up and in darkness – we came up with the answer!
Take on the lease!

The Royal Oak, Rushton, a pub since 1818, sits less the 1 miles away from our HQ at Heaton House Farm, and back in 2015 was purchased by the local community.

After some improvements made to the building at the start of 2020, Coronavirus forced the pub to close in March 2020 and the previous landlord left.

After a car journey past the pub on a dark summers night, we had a brainwave – why not take on the lease and open the pub. We have a brilliant team of staff and can not lose them due to the number of events we have to cater for in the future.

The Royal Oak, Rushton is well-located so if you are staying locally before your event, you can pop in for a pre-event meal!

After being open for 2 weeks for drinks only, whilst we settle in and finalise the menus, we launch our food service on 16th October – and can’t wait for you to join us to sample it!



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